"Be Prepared"

The 7A West Studio Guide

This series of pages will deal with the ins and outs of the music business. Come back often to see what new tips, tricks, and career guidance we have to offer. We'll be dealing with all aspects of the music business from rehearsals, booking, management, promotional materials, to getting the most from your studio experience.

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This installment will deal with the art of Mastering your project. What is mastering? Is it necessary? Why does it cost so much and what exactly do you get for your money? Learn all of this and more! Also make sure to download our special mastering offer!

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Table of Contents

1. What exactly is Mastering?
2. Should I master my Project?
3. Dynamics Processing
4. Editing
5. Other Mastering Options
6. Sequencing
7. The Finished Master

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