Sequencing a CD is one of those steps that just gets pretty much taken for granted, but it can make or break your disc. The order you place your songs on your CD can be compared to continuity in a movie. Do the songs flow naturally into one another? Is there enough sonic variety between the songs to retain a listeners interest for a full 60 minute set? Is there enough "breathing space" between the cuts, or are you looking for crossfades and tight segues between songs. These are all issues for the sequencing stage. In actuality, it's pretty easy to change and preview the songs. We use a program call Jam, which basically allows us to drag and drop a song where ever we want to place it in the order. The spacing can be set down to the frame rate (there are basically 70 frames per second) so the time between takes can be as precise as you want to make it.

Once the sequencing is complete, you're ready to finish the process and burn your final duplication master!