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Price Includes:
Program Sequencing and Spacing between tracks. Designate the order of your tracks and the time (in seconds and fractions..ex. 1.5 seconds) We can also fade into and out of tracks.
Level Adjustment and EQ. We'll lower noise and adjust the EQ curve for clarity and punch, make the tracks "louder", decrease muddiness, balance track volumes. EXTRA: We can also use a software model to match the EQ curve of your favorite acts CD (supply a copy with your mixes, specify the song, we'll model the EQ curve and apply it to your mixes. NOTE: Please make sure it is similar in style and instrumentation to your project. We will return the CD with your Master Disc) Add $25 to your order for EQ matching
Spatial Expansion. We can adjust the stereo imaging, narrow it to make it tighter, crisper if it's too wide (ex. beyond the speakers) or expand the image for a fuller, broader, or even more reverberant sound.
Duplication Ready CD-r + Reference Master. We provide an Apogee Master CD-R (or for an additional charge a DAT Tape) mastered to Red Book Audio standards (44.1K/16 bit) plus a Reference Master, returned to you via insured, trackable, priority mail. Turnaround time is usually less than 5 working days after we receive your mixes. RUSH SERVICE IS AVAILABLE

Send your Mixes and Payments to:

7A West, 245 Tremont Street, Braintree, MA 02184
Email or Call us with your Questions mike@7awest.com
Or Call: 617-755-3575