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Welcome to our MP.3 pages!
Here you can download complete mp3's of some of our work so now you can hear what we've been up to lately!! Make sure to check back often because we'll be updating these pages to include some of our most recent work, songs we love, or maybe just some songs that are freaky bizarre audio fun....download often and find out!

This month's selections!

This month we're featuring the most current material possible! These selections represent the hottest selections from some of 7A West's recent projects! This set of selections vary from straight ahead alternative, to the Zen Bastards brand of punk jazz outness! (from the Kings of Nuthin!)


1. Zen Bastards

2. Satellite Seven

3. Jack's Smirking Revenge

4. 16 Wade

5. Ed Rashed

6. Photon Torpedoes