Ed Rashed - Wrong Side of the Door

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Ed Rashed:
Waaay to many great musicians to list them all!

Engineered by Ioana Pieleanu, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Cags at 7A West

This is Ed's "countryside" disc featuring some of the best musicians it's ever been our pleasure to work with! Ed put together an all star cast of studio cats and long time scenesters to record his "cityside" and Countryside" discs. Wrong Side of the Door features 16 and 1/2 of Ed's compositions and is truly one of the best albums we've worked on in the past year. Ed's other disc completed along with this one is called Big Book of Love and features his rockers again recorded with an all star cast of musicians! Make sure to check out his website and buy his discs!

Click here and check out Ed's track "Bone Cold Night" (3.2 megs)

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