16 Wade - We'll think of something...

16 Wade
16 Wade is:
Mary Catherine Savard
Chris Fitzgerald
Kevin McMahon
Brian Binkowski

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Cags at 7A West

16 Wade first came to us as a three piece (guitars, drums and vocals) to record their first 4 song demo. I was immediatly struck by the simplicity of the music, unencumbered, beautiful vocals, and talent of the players. About a year later, Brian contacted me with a cryptic message saying..." I don't know if you remember me, but..." of course I did, they made that much of an impression! It seems they now had a bass player and wanted to come back in and finish what they started! We recorded the additional 6 songs, added some tracks and remixed the original 4, and the result is a wonderful recording, simple, yet emotionally complex still featuring the beautiful vocals of Mary Catherine. Check out the track "Untitled"

Click here and check out 16 Wade "Untitled" (3.5 megs)

[Ed Rashed] [Zen Bastards] [The Photon Torpedoes] [Satellite Seven] [Jack's Smirking Revenge]