Photon Torpedoes - I like my Girls Medium Rare

Photon Torpedoes
Photon Torpedoes are:
Ricky Magic: Drums
Titanium Zeke: Bass
Joe: guitar
Rob: lead vocals

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mike Cags at 7A West

The Photons are one of our favorite bands. We've recorded a ton of stuff with these guys and every time, it just keeps getting weirder! This is the first disc we tracked for Raucous Records in London. Their new disc is just hitting the stands out on Spindrift and of course recorded mixed and mastered at 7A West! My all time favorite song is Flesh Eating Bacteria (which spent 10 weeks at number one on Australia's radio 1 station) for it coming soon! I like my Girls Medium Rare (featuring King Leo) is a very close second choice though...
These guys put on a show that's not to be missed!

Click here and check out Photon Torpedoes "I like my Girls Medium Rare" (3.1 megs)

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