Unreleased Gems from 7A West

These two selections are hot off the press....The first is by former 16 Wade drummer Brian Binkowski's new project Satellite Seven. We recently recorded a 3 song demo for these guys which is currently being shopped around (so you'd better download this now before we're forced to yank it offline by their label!)

The second selection is by our new favorite rockers Jack's Smirking Revenge. These guys are AWESOME! We love the playing on this one and Ioana captured the essence of their raw energy! We're just finishing up an 8 song CD-EP for them so if you like what you hear here, then make sure to catch a live show and hit them up for a copy of their debut!

Satellite Seven:
Recorded by Ioana Pieleanu, Mixed by Mike Cags at 7A West

Great songwriting from this soon to be HUGE Boston band! This is so new that it's a final pre-mastered mix! Check them out and make sure to ask about their CD, it's worth it!

Click here and check out Satellite Seven (3.1 megs)

Jack's Smirking Revenge:

Recorded by Ioana Pieleanu, Mixed by Mike Cags at 7A West

These guys came in a year ago to master the last disc and liked the vibe, and the final product. When it came time to record their new line-up, they gave us a call. This is one of my favorite tracks from their upcoming 8 song CD-EP entitled James......

Click here and check out Jack's Smirking Revenge (2.8 megs)

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