Prices, Policies and Services Summer/Fall 2002

7A West is a full service digital recording facility. We can take your project from pre-production through duplication. We also are affiliated with CM Communications, Inc. a full service marketing communications company so we can help you with design, packaging and promotion of your product.
The following prices are current for Summer/Fall 2002. Want to know more?
Call (781) 356-7536 and arrange a studio tour, or check out our work online on our
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We've now offer 24 tracks of ADAT XT20 digital recording along with hard disc recording on our new Macintosh G4 using Digital Performer and the MOTU2408. Add our Mackie Digital Board to the equation and you get pure digital from tracking right on through the mastering process!

Studio Recording and Production
8/16 Track recording : $40 per hour
24 Track recording : $45 per hour
Mastering: $50 per hour
We are currently offering some amazing mastering and audio restoration specials visit our Be Prepared pages to learn more!
Radio Production / Sound for Picture Work: $75 per hour

All prices include the engineer! Two hour minimum for recording time.

Independent Producers please call for availability!

Please note : There is a $95.00 piano tuning charge for all sessions using our grand piano.

Other Production Services

DAT Re-formatting: $30 per hour
DAT to Cassette Copies (pre-formatted): $10 per copy
CD Editing/Mastering: $50 per hour
Midi Production(sequencing, programming, sampling): $40 per hour
CD-R - read only: $10 per disc up to 60 minute program $20 per disc over 60 minutes
CD-R - Replication Master: $30 per disc

Tape, Media, and Materials
BASF Preformatted ADAT Tape: 40 minutes - $20.00
BASF Preformatted ADAT Tape: 60 minutes - $25.00
60 Minute DAT Tape: $12.50
90 Minute DAT Tape: $15.00
60 Minute Chrome Cassette: $3.50
90 Minute Chrome Cassette: $3.50
1.4 meg Floppy Discs: $1.50
JAZ 1 Gigabyte Storage Cartridge: $200

Music Production and Talent Services
We can help you with all phases of your production. Need a bass player? Looking for the perfect voice for your radio spot? Call and ask, chances are we have the talent you need at a price you can afford!
Studio Policies


1. Payment for tape and time is due at the end of each session, unless a different arrangement is agreed to prior to the start of that days session. We accept cash and/or checks ONLY. That's how we keep the prices down!

2. Payment for the session begins when the session was booked to start, not when you arrive, unless the engineer is late. In the event the engineer is late, you will be refunded double the late time from your bill. (in other words if the engineer is 15 minutes late, the first 30 minutes of the session is on us!) Usually engineers are at the studio 15 minutes prior starting time.

3. You're responsible for the time you booked. If you book a 6 hour session, and it only requires 4 hours. You pay for the full session. This is at the discretion of the engineer and dependant upon our schedule. We do accept open ended bookings during evening hours. (i.e. last session of the day)

4. For new clients, a deposit may be required to secure your date. Clients will be handled on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the owner. You can cancel without penalty up to 7 days before the session, less than 7 days and you'll lose your deposit, unless we can find someone to take the time. Allowances are made for acts of God and medical emergencies, not for lack of rehearsal time or money. We're not unreasonable, but we need you to take studio time commitments seriously.

5. No master tapes in any form (digital, cassette, or reel) will be released and no future sessions will be booked unless payment is received in full or prior arrangements for payment are made. All mixes, CD-Rs, DATs and master tapes shall remain the property of 7A West until all invoices are paid in full by the client.


1. Cigarette smoking is allowed in designated areas. We DO NOT allow smoking around the microphones, in the iso booths or in the control room.

2. Please don't litter outside or inside; we're sloppy enough as it is!

3. You are welcome bring your own food, but it needs to stay away from microphones and gear. You're welcome to use our small refrigerator and microwave oven. Food and drinks are not allowed in the iso booths or the control room. This is punishable by DEATH!

4.Guests are welcome, but we encourage you to invite only those people who might really be useful to your project or your personal sanity. Too many people in the studio is distracting to us and to you.

5. We're happy to store your tapes during and after your project. However, recorded tapes are the client's (i.e., your) responsibility.


We are not legally or financially responsible for ANY items brought into or left on the premises. It is recommended that clients obtain insurance to protect against possible damage expense or loss of article(s) of value left on the premises. This includes master tapes left at 7A West