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Some shots of our crazy improv clients hard at work bringing you the music you want to hear!


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bassist Mike Bullock and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani get ready to fly!

blow David blow checkin out the mix

(L)David Gross, alto and bari sax and clarinet laying tracks
(R)When ever possible, I love to use the minimalist approach to miking drums!

James Coleman and Friends

takin' a break

James Coleman (theremin/on couch), Greg Kelley (trumpet/on chair), Liz Tonne (voice/on stool) and Vic Rawlins (cello/on floor) taking a well deserved break from recording James upcoming groundbreaking debut disc. This disc is the first disc of free improvisation (to the best of our knowledge) ever recorded with Theremin as the lead instrument. Coming soon.....



(L)Saturnalia (L/R) Tatsuya Nakatani, John Voigt, Jon LaMaster and special guest, Cecil Taylor alum Elliott Levin

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