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Since opening as a commercial studio in late 1997, we've completed over 750 (and counting) projects ranging from demos to award winning CD releases. Many of our clients have come back to 7A West several times because we offer a great atmosphere and do quality work. We're quickly developing a reputation as THE Boston studio to record in! We offer professional quality results for project studio prices.

Check out our past clients (as of July 2002)......


Adam Oh nasty blues Oh came in to work on a demo of his new project. We recorded, mixed and mastered 3 tracks - with special guest Mike C on both the board and the bari sax!

Adam Wilson composer/guitarist We've recorded many pieces of Adam's work including several large ensembles, his recently released solo album, his trio album and we recently began work on an improv funk disc.

Adrian Solean spoken word Recorded with a grant from the Romainian Government, Adrian translated the works of one of Romania's state poets and we recorded it.

Alan Hirt and Kurt Tvinerian swing/jazz also know as PULSE tracked mixed and mastered their release "Sessions at 7A" We also recorded mixed and mastered their 2nd CD entitled "Moody Street.

S. Amelia White Singer/songwriter.Amelia has recorded many times with us. Her most recent work was a three song demo which landed her management and a serious gig at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle!Jeff Cordero and Mike Caglianone engineering.

Ariel Shabat composer/film score Ariel brought in 6 string players and through the magic of overdubs, we created a lush film score.

Arto Artinian improvisational music Arto came to us through Adam Wilson. He heard some of our work for Adam and decided to come up from NY to work at 7A West.

August Spies Punk Rock 23 songs, 29 minutes, you do the math...seriously, seminal release from one of Boston's top punk outfits.

Auto 66 jam rock ala Sonic Youth This started as a mastering project for the band. They had so much fun and were impressed with our work enough to record some new material for an upcoming CD release.


Ben Schwendener 4 piece contemporary jazz ensemble. Ben recorded his critically acclaimed CD "Witness of the Sun" at 7A West and his follow-up CD "Road Trips" .

Best Friend Josh emo - punk Recorded mixed and mastered 10 original tunes. Awesome stuff, great guys!

Bhob Rainey Improvisational saxophonist Bhob wins the award as the player most recorded at 7A West. He has recorded with us solo, with the Ben Schwendener Group, with Masashi Harada, with Mike Bullock and has also mastered several projects with us. The latest offering from Bhob's group Nmperign "44'38"/5"recorded and mixed at 7A West, was released on Twisted Village records and sold out it's first pressing amid critical acclaim in 4 months! Not bad for free improv! You can get more info or order nmperigns disc at Twisted Village Records

Big D - Dave Whelton underground rap D came to us to create his grooves and track his disc. We record, mixed and mastered his 9 song CD. We also created 5 of the grooves.

Bird Taylor Band top 40/funk Boston top 40 legend Bird Taylor (formerly of Taylor Made) came in to record their most recent demo. Word has it that brides are hiring the band based on the sound of the tape, bypassing the usual showcase hang!

Bob Fallon rock We mastered Bob's CD for the band, Jack's Smirking Revenge.

Boston Billiard Club radio spots had us produce their most recent radio spot.

Boston Blackouts 50's style roots rock Want to call this rockabilly but can't! It's really rootsy cool stuff with a punk edge. We recorded mixed and mastered a 4 song demo that'll probably end up on vinyl. Really cool band....and really nice guys!

Boxingwater punk rock recorded and mixed a 5 song split CD for Espo Records.

Brock Philips pop Brock came in with a project recorded last year to finish adding guitar tracks and mix for eventual release. 15 songs.


Caged Heat Alterna-Rock Boston band Caged Heat were in with engineer Rob Ignazzio to begin work on a CD for a development deal. Great Stuff!

Casey Scheuerell fun stuff! Drummer extrordinaire Casey Scheuerell (Gino Vanelli, Jon Luc Ponty) brought in a really fun project. Working with third graders in the Newton School System, he developed a project program for the arts. We recorded basics for 4 tunes (a'la School House Rock) he took the tapes back, recorded all of the kids. We mixed and mastered the disc and got it out in time for their record release party! It's always fun doin it for the kids!

Chauncey Rap Vocal work on their demo project

Chris Conway pop Guitarist/singer Chris Conway came in to master 2 new tunes.

Close Call punk rock Close call came in and recorded the Slapshot song Might Makes Right for the upcoming tribute CD.

Condanction ensemble (sextet and octet) large improvisational ensemble Great session and by far one of the more interesting challenges presented to us. Masashi's large ensemble consisted of sop sax, trumpet, 2 trombones, bass, guitar and Masashi conducting/percussion (sextet) and the octet switched one trombone for a tuba and added violin and cello to the mix. Intense sound and one of our favorite projects released on London based Emanem Records. We recently completed work on Masashi's 2nd release for Emanem, as well as a release for Leo Records.

Corby Boldissar Quintet "Blue Note" style jazz quintet Corby brought in his outstanding quintet to record a demo for getting work. Great stuff, fun session!

Curtis Hughes contemporary composer Curtis has brought us several projects including am=n amazing sax quartet, a string trio and quartet, a solo vibes pieces, a piece for piano and percussion and a piece for piano and electronics. Pretty intense and intreresting music. Recorded, mixed and mastered at 7A West.


Daisuke Fujiwara Jazz Quartet Daisuke recorded and mixed his most recent CD "Voodoo Fish" with us. Rumor has it that Daisuke has gone on to be the "Medeski Martin and Wood" of Japan! Congratulations Dai!!

Dan DeChellis and Ravish MorinFree improvisational piano/drum duets. Dan also mastered some live performance pieces. We have also done work for several clients on Dan's label, Sachimay Records.

Daniel Maudonnet pianist Berklee alum Maudonnet recorded a high charged bop demo featuring some of the finest playing we've heard. Currently shopping the project in France.

Danielle Geihs singer/songwriter we tracked and mixed her upcoming 9 song Telepathy Release. Pretty haunting lyrics and some funky organ sounds on this one...

Dan Klimoski Saxophonist. Several mastering projects including a klezmer band and a live duo recording.

Dave Anderson top 40 Dave recorded with his group Ragwagon at 7A so it was only natural he would come back and track the demo for his "other" band. Great top 40 covers!

Dave Gross improvisational musician Dave's group Fetish has recorded with us and is currently mixing the material. In addition to being an outstanding musician, Dave is a local promoter in the Boston area and runs his own label called Tautology Records. Many of his artists have recorded with us such as Phil Tomasic, Bhob Rainey and Mike Bullock to name just a few.

Dave Gross, Tucker Dullin and James Coleman improvisational music trio We also recorded Dave in this trio setting. For release on Tautology (see above)

Default Outfit rock/pop We recorded their 6 song demo and recently finished work on their debut CD "Casual City", these guys ROCK!

DJ Wilson of Schoolhouse Music hip hop producer DJ came back in to work on several new projects. Most notably some vocal work for a very hot new all female group as of yet unnamed!

Dimestore Haloes punk we recorded and mixed their latest offering for San Francisco based Pelado Records. Very cool roots punk mayhem!

Distant Relatives jam rock These Phishheads recorded a full CD's worth of stuff with us.

DREXEL rock We mastered their upcoming Fork in Hand Record. These guys ROCK!


Ed Rashed rock/pop/jazz/country Ed is the piano player in Ragwagon and brought us an intense and very fun project. We recorded 2 CD's of Ed's work that spanned the last 25 or so years. He's a great writer and we recorded some pretty amazing musicians in the course of producing "Wrong Side of the Door" and "Big Book of Love". Definately check out his website!

The Effword rock we recorded and mixed 6 tracks of their debut CD project.

Eileen Donelly Pianist. Eileen recorded demo work with us twice this year.

Elio DeLuca Composer/Jazz Pianist We recorded, mixed and mastered Elio's demo of original material produced by Dave Zoffer. Great Stuff!

Elipsis contemporary jazz We mixed and mastered their disc for Telepathy Records release.

Enuma Elish trance core Intense, beautiful and haunting, we mastered their latest release "when alone" for Lithiq Records.

Ergin Ozler original jazz Ergin recorded a demo with us that helped to land him a tour in his home country of Turkey and word has it a label deal!

Eric Earhardt saxophonist Eric recorded with us in the band Fat Dragon and was so impressed he brought his own quartet back to record their new material.

Eric Hoffbrauer jazz guitarist We recorded one of Eric's fine students. Great 6 song jazz demo!

ESPO Records Punk label. We've done several projects for Espo including the debut discs from the August Spies and the Falsies, numerous pre-mastering projects and several duplication projects.

Expeditions Delcore Brothers jazz/rock instrumental project. Began work on their upcoming CD


Fast Life Entertainment Rap Vocal work for several different projects.

Fat Dragon Jazz/Fusion ala Miles Davis Bitches Brew Fat Dragon recorded 2 CD's worth of material with us.

Fredi Meli Quartet jazz quartet Swiss musician and Berklee alum Fredi Meli came in to record a demo with his quartet. Sent as a preview to agents in Europe to finish booking an upcoming tour.

Fred Sargent jazz we recorded, mixed and mastered Fred's demo. Featuring our old friend (and new Dad) Blake Newman on bass.

Fordham Road pop rock We recorded, mixed and mastered their 8 song demo


Gary Fieldman drummer/jazz quartet featuring vocalist Patrice Williamson Another excellent demo project! Patrice is truly amazing and these guys were a pleasure to work with!

Ghost 24 hard rock We recorded, mixed and mastered their latest 6 song EP.

Gil Aharon and Chris Burleson Pianist/drums/guitar. Various projects including a demo tape for their new group GUT (grand unification theory) and Chris's solo work.

Gilby Hagar folk Gilby plays harp, sings and composes with the group Ragwagon. He stopped in for a couple of sessions to work on some Ragwagon material and also tracked some basic working tracks for his own material. Really interesting folk/rock.

Gingerbutkis featuring pianist Ran Blake's Art rock group with a jazz flair. Completed work on their CD featuring Ran Blake on piano. Demo got them 2 songs on Ran's upcoming Hat Art release. Also Butkis drummer Steve Chaggaris and guitarist Dave Fabris have done work on several other projects with us including a jazz trio demo.


Hilliary Noble jazz Hilliary brought us his latest disc for mastering. Featuring Charles Neville (of neville Brothers fame) and the Mingus Big Band (NY) rhythm section. This smokes!

Hiro Harada bassist/guitarist brought in several projects including jazz quartet, classical duo and a pop songwriting project.

Hyptonic acid jazz hop Very cool trippy stuff from these talented musicians. We recorded 5 live tracks and worked on 11 tracks in Digital Performer which incorporate traditional jazz groups with rappers, DJ's, and some serious sampling and looping to create all that is Hyptonic. Awesome Stuff!


Indra Loca world music/pop We mastered this quirky groups CD. Really interesting haunting music.

Ippie Ichimara bassist Berklee alum Ichimaru brought in his trio to record a demo. Mixed and mastered at 7A West.


James Coleman, Therminist free improvisation recorded his CD with us this spring. He's recorded several sessions with a variety of Boston's top improvisors including Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlins, Liz Tonne, Tatsuya Nakatani and Mike Bullock. The disc consists of various duos, trios and large ensembles.

Jason Sweet Quartet jazz CD of original compositions by Jason Sweet. Great Stuff. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at 7A West.

Jeff Dalton Singer/Songwriter was in to master a set of his beatles influenced pop.

Jeff Shirley pianist/composer Jeff recorded 2 new songs with us before returning to his native British Columbia.

Jericho punk We recorded 5 songs for a split CD (with Boxingwater) for Espo Records release.

JHC punk rock We mastered 18 songs by these talented youngsters. Great hard drivinig old school (think Clash) punk !

The Joe Deveaux Group pop/rock ala "Ben Folds Five" Joes CD "Photograph of Nothing" was recorded mixed and mastered with us in 98. His song "All Over You" reached #1 on the mp3.com pop chart in September 98.

Joelle Lurie jazz duo We recorded this chanteuse's demo.

Joey Sands Lounge singer. Recorded his quartet demo with us.

John Courtney traditional irish music We recorded a CD of traditional Irish music with John and his cronies.

John DiPonzio Group Jazz trio and quartet. Also pop project OFS featuring his 16 year old daughter Erica on bass and sister Helena on vocals.

John Haydon Band pop Great pop record coming this spring from the John Haydon band. Recorded at 7A West.

John Robinson bassist John has been in for several projects including Fat Dragon, Eric Earhardt Quartet, Daniel Maudonnet trio, and his own group.

Jon Wasserman Singer/Songwriter Quirky songwriter Wasserman recorded, mixed and mastered his latest release with us. Funny songs with a twisted wit.

Jonathon Lamaster / Saturnalia improvisational music Jonathon recorded two incredible projects with us. A Quartet featuring Cecil Taylor Alum Elliot Levin on tenor sax and flute, and an expanded version of Saturnalia featuring 2 female vocalists and electric cello.

Julia Choi pop vocalist Julia did some demo work with us.


Kings of Nuthin' roots rock Formerly the Boston Blackouts, we recorded mixed and mastered their 4 song demo earlier this year. This time we finished two new songs including an awesome Christmas tune called "That's Hard"

Kemp Harris soul/R&B We recorded and mixed several tracks for Kemp remarkable new disc. Kemp is an undiscovered Boston treasure!


Lisette Santanalatin pop Lisette came in to mix 3 tunes for a demo she was shopping at the Billboard Latin Music conference in Miami.

Lucien Desar classical pianorecorded two new pieces by pianist and film composer Lucien Desar.

Luddite Syndrome pop rock Guitarist Pete and drummer Ross of The Effword came back to 7A to record, mix and master their solo project with us.

Lupa Santiago Brazilian jazz Recorded several tunes with us during the summer, stopped back in during a 2 day layover in the U.S. (after a tour of Brazil) to record some more!


M2K Agency Austin Texas based advertising agency We recorded the author of "Net Future", Chuck Martin for a live worldwide broadcast on broadcast.com. Interesting stuff.

Mark Berland singer/songwriter OK, so we didn't actually record this one, but Engineer Coleman Rogers brought Mark in to work on his CD release.

Masashi Harada Quartet featuring pianist Josh Goldman improvisationalist Masashi recorded this material with us and has come back to record annually since 1999.

Masashi Harada Trio improvisational music Harada returns with Greg Kelley (trumpet) and Bhob Rainey (sop. sax) to record a full disc of material (actually several discs worth...but who's counting)

Masashi Harada Quartet featuring Steve Drury improvisational music Same trio as above, different day plus the addition of pianist Steve Drury (John Zorn) for another discs worth of complete improvisational mayhem! Recorded and mixed at 7A West.

Michael Cane improv jazz we mastered the upcoming relase for this ECM recording artist and former piano player for Jack DeJohnette. Released on Telepathy Records.

Michael Iannantull improv This student of Masashi Harada's came to us to record an improv record with his group.

Michael Scrima keyboard based goth rock Michael came to us as basically a solo artist. He played the drums, keys and piano, sang and wrote the songs. A very talented a super nice guy.

Mikal Howard rap We tracked vocals and mixed a tune for Mikal and his posse. Recorded in Atlanta this summer, finished at 7A West this fall, Kill 'em All is destined for the radio.

Mike Bullock bassist Mike's new CD (released on the Tautology Label) featuring pianist Brenda Hopkins-Moran was recorded with us. Mike has also played on sessions with Phil Tomasic, Bhob Rainey and Masashi Harada


Nathan James solo acousticDemo of new material from the lead singer of the Boston band The World is my Fuse!

NSL Hard rock. Recorded 12 songs with Andrew Lipps engineering.



Paraxis Hard rock. Paraxis camie into our studio from Connecticut to begin work on their upcoming CD project. They recorded and mixed 3 songs with us.

Pete D'Alemba rock Pete's original band the Effword recorded their demo with us. Pete was so smitten, he brought back his solo project to 7A West. We recorded, mixed and mastered 4 songs.

Peter and Matthias jazz/pop We recorded their 9 song demo. Great guys, great players on their way to L.A.

Phil Tomasic and Steve Fisk Improvisational Guitar duet. Produced by Paul Bley. Phil has also been in for several other projects including his solo CD and work with the Masashi Harada projects.

Philip Tomasic/Masashi Harada/ Matt Manieri Trio free improv Some more recording with these improv masters....OK actually this time it's mixing. We mixed a set of sessions recorded by Matt in 1997/98. More amazing improv from these guys.

Photon Torpedos psychobilly madness These boys are a bit sick and we love it! They recorded 2 CD's and a number of Singles with us. Titles include..."It Came From Outer Space" and "I Like My Girls Medium Rare"....nuf said! The single of "Flesh Eating Bacteria" spent 10 weeks at number 1 on the Australian Radio charts!

Plastik rock those crazy Waver kids came in with their newest project called Plastik. We mastered their self produced debut.

Polyethylene rock/pop We recorded 5 tracks for a demo for this interesting female fronted group. They plan on coming back to finish a full length CD.

Pulse 7 piece Swung/Jazz Ensemble Pulse recorded mixed and mastered their 2 CD's with us. They even named their debut release "Sessions at 7A"!



Ragwagon good time folk and roll (among other things!) These guys started on a couple of songs with us and had such a great time they're working on a full length CD. Basics recorded starting in late 98. Together in the 70's and back together in the 90's they hail from all over the U.S. (NY, RI, MA, CT and Hawaii!) and have been meeting at 7A West to record! Our unofficial house band!

Richard Chen punk rock We mastered this 16 song compilation featuring three seriously twisted punk bands.

Riverton pop rock We recorded their demo.

Rob Ignazio of Porter Square Sound engineer / producer Rob is our unofficial second house engineer! He has brought in numerous projects including his own jazz ensemble and some pretty intense Russian pop musicians to record with us. Rob comes to 7A West when he needs a great live room to record in. His studio Porter Square Sound is predominantly a midi based studio.

Ryoshi Yamashiki bassist Bassist Ryoji Yamashiki brought his trio in to record a CD of hot original jazz. The project was recorded, mixed and mastered at 7A West.


16 Wade female fronted pop rock We recorded 2 projects with the band. The first was a 3 song demo which got them attention and got us their follow up CD! Great band of talented musicians!

Sara Shansky folk/rock singer songwriter we finished up recording and mixing on her upcoming Telepathy Records Release.

Sarin popDemo for this 4 piece pop band featuring vocalist Jessica Sarin Perry. Produced by drummer Reggie Lofton.

Satellite Seven pop/rock Brian Binkowski of 16 Wade, brought us his new group to record. We recorded, mixed and mastered their 3 song demo.

Saturday's Heroes Street Punk Recorded and mixed their upcoming debut disc on espo records. These highschoolers ROCK.

Savin punk/hardcore a hard rockin trio of punks born and raised in Dorchester recorded, mixed and mastered their CD EP with us.

Screaming Free hard rock Hard rock band ala Ozzy with a touch of Zep mixed with Pearl Jam....Yikes! We recorded mixed and mastered their upcoming CD release.

Sharon Sievert Singer/Songwriter. Sharon's project started out as a live to DAT project to catalog some of her recent work. It has grown into an arranging project with Marc Delcore providing his programming expertise and plans are under way to expand and rerecord her 24 song project this summer with live musicians.

SKAPE and Lady Lee trip hop tracked some vocals and mixed several projects with us. Very cool trip hop stuff from these two talented artists.

Sky Saw trance electronica/acid jazz duo Featuring Yuri Zbitnoff (Enuma Elish) and Corey Redonnet (Blue Man Group) this duo is pretty amazing. We recorded, mixed and mastered their Lithiq Records debut. Featuring Jon LaMaster on violin.

Sony Pravisovannia vocalist Sony recorded 2 demo songs to send out to labels.

Steve Fisk and Aaron Alexander Guitar/drum duet. Steve had such a good experience with Phil, he brought in NY drummer Aaron Alexander to record a discs worth of material.

Steve Stanley featuring Lazlo Gardony blues guitarist Steve has done several projects with us including his recent video (partially shot in the studio) a GB demo, and has begun work on his 2nd CD release which features the talen of internationally renowned pianist Lazlo Gardony.

Sunset is a Battle rock We mastered their disc, recorded by Joe at Guilty Dog studios. Good work Joe, these guys rock!

Sunshine Boy alternative pop Another mastering client. We worked on their 6 song debut release.


The Crush brit-pop These guys take their influences from all of the classic British bands we love like The Smiths, The Cure, and London Suede. We recorded and produced their 5 song CD-EP in 5 days. Nice round numbers....and some great tunes.

The Delcore Brothers featuring Pookie Coles (formerly of Marky Mark, current drummer for Joe McIntyre) recorded basics and overdubs, vocals etc for 7 pop R&B tunes.

The Drinks cajun flavored good time pop Boston party band, The Drinks recorded a full disc worth of new original material with us. Roger Merritt behind the board.

The Falsies female swingabilly Debut CD for Espo records recorded and mixed at 7A West. All original 50's style girl group stuff. It's pretty awesome!

The Lot Six emo-pop came in for a serious mastering session. Two 7" singles and a CD-EP's worth of new material that'll rock your socks off!

The Rose of Sharon alternative We mastered their upcoming Espo Records CD-EP release

The Zips alternative rock mastered two 7"singles with us. Including the follow-up to their debut ESPO Records release.

Third Rail Sax Quartet contemporary classical These guys came in to record a piece by Curtis Hughes and they were incredible. All 4 are currently members of the White House Marine Corp band. Amazing players and defenders of our freedom. Semper Fi guys!

Tim Clark organ based jazz trio Tim brought in the biggest baddest Leslie we've ever seen and proceeded to record, mix and master some truly hot jazz tunes. Cool Stuff including the standard Caravan!

Tom Courtney solo acoustic guitar/vocals Tom came in with his brother John and liked the place so much he ended up recording a solo guitar/vocals demo. Then he came back and had us master a Reiki Massage tape series. Pretty cool stuff and when he left, we were REALLY, REALLY relaxed!

Tony Gallo jazz We recorded Tony's demo CD 6 piece jazz ensemble with vocals.

Tristam Lozaw string trio music Tristram is not only our house mastering engineer, he's also a client. We recorded a set of original string trio music for Tristrams wedding.

Two Steps to Infinity female fronted hard rock We recorded, mixed and mastered the debut offering from this very talented group of musicians.


Ultra Jones rock Ultra Jones came in to work on their debut 10 song recording with us. Recorded, mixed and mastered at 7A West.

Used hard rock Jay called us in to mix their debut CD "The Prophet Stands Alone". Plans are underway to record their follow-up!


Vincene Sylph trans pop a'la Dead Can Dance Vincene mastered his project with us. Interesting synth based music reminiscent of the transe band Dead Can Dance.


Warren Commission female fronted alt rock We mastered their latest Espo Records Release. These guys are awesome!

WAVER alternative pop We recorded mixed and mastered their upcoming debut CD. These guys are definately the real deal. Catch them at a club near you!

Winterboy pop rock Winterboy recorded his disc "Enormodome" at 7 A West. Fun stuff from this quirky artist. Favorite track was his version of "Nights in White Satin".



Yuri Zbitnoff/ Sky Saw trance/acid jazz duo Yuri plays drums, Corey Redonnet (Blue Man Group) plays electric Zither, samples and loops. We recorded their debut Lithiq Records release. Tremendous musicians, extremely cool music!


Zen Bastards acid jazz/out jazz We recorded, edited and mixed the Zen Bastards debut recording "April Fool

Watch this space for more great material coming from 7A West Studio this year!

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